Brazil to launch Crescer water, sewerage PPP tenders in H2

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Brazil's federal government has released further details about its 2017-18 waterworks public-private partnerships (PPP) tender scheme.

The tenders fall under the country's 45bn-real (US$14.4bn) infrastructure program Crescer, through which the government will seek to spur the economy through greater private sector involvment in the water and sewerage, transport, energy and mining sectors.

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The government, in a document, said 18 tenders are planned in 18 states and involve the provision of potable water and sewage collection and treatment services. They also fall under the umbrella of the country's investment partnerships program, PPI.

Bid calls for three of them are expected next half, while 10 more are expected in the first half of 2018 and five in the second, according to a Crescer document published by the federal government.

The three planned for this year will be launched by Rio de Janeiro state water utility Cedae, Rondônia state water utility Caerd, and Pará state's Cosanpa.

Meanwhile, during the first half of 2018, tenders are expected to be launched for PPPs in the states of Acre (Depasa), Amapá (Caesa), Santa Catarina (Casan), Alagoas (Casal), Ceará (Cagece), Maranhão (Caema), Paraíba (Cagepa), Pernambuco (Compesa), Rio Grande do Norte (Caern), and Sergipe (Deso), the release said.

Finally, tenders in the states of Bahia (Embasa), Piauí (Agespisa), Tocantins (Saneatins), Amazonas (Cosama) and Paraná (Sanepar) are expected in 2H18.

Overall, at least 55 public-private partnerships are expected to be formed under Crescer.