Brazil infra investors want solution to forex fluctuations

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Investors in Brazil's infrastructure sector are calling for mechanisms to protect them from foreign exchange fluctuations.

That is according to a federal government survey of infrastructure players to collect suggestions and improve frameworks.

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Hussein Kalout, special secretary for strategic affairs of the presidential palace confirmed to financial newspaper Valor Econômico that the survey identified 32 suggestions.

"Currently Brazil needs a significant amount of resources, and new partnerships must be created with investors who bring these resources and at the same time contribute to increasing the quality of services provided to the citizen," said Kalout.

"We have already started a new phase of the project, dialoguing with government sectors most directly involved in the strategic issues addressed in the study. The idea is to get a better understanding of the problems, to assess the timeliness and viability of the proposals, and proposals for addressing the problems identified in the short and medium term," he added.

In general, participants complained that the elaboration phase to produce deeper analysis of projects is way too short.

"There is no shortage of projects, but the problem is in the development of better studies, with a more detailed risk analysis, as well as environmental impacts and engineering studies. Studies to assess risks are very relevant because infrastructure projects require relevant and long-term funding," Daniel O'Czerny, director of infrastructure at Citi Brasil, told BNamericas in a recent interview.