Data virtualization expected to take off this year

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Data virtualization is set to take off in 2011 in Chile and have a strong impact on companies' business strategies, according to IT management firm PowerData.

PowerData anticipates that in 2011, data virtualization will surge following the explosive growth of cloud computing in 2010, as its focus on integration could improve productivity while increasing sales. Data virtualization of servers and physical storage will allow access to information through virtual platforms.

According to PowerData product manager Cristian Villatoro, many data management tools require information to be stored in a physical format, but virtualization will allow the creation of a virtual copy. Villatoro said that through virtualization, some companies could require up to 80% less in physical services.

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Villatoro added that through virtualization, PowerData has seen companies reduce risks by 60% and experience time savings of 50%. According to Villatoro, virtualization can also improve synching information between in-house systems and applications operating in the cloud, by integrating traditional and cloud computing systems.