SCT's January budget to focus on IT resources

Monday, January 3, 2011

The majority of the budget for Mexico's communications and transport ministry, SCT, during January will go toward the ministry's information and knowledge society to increase IT resources, according to online newspaper Informador.

In accordance with the federally approved budget, in the first 30 days of 2011, 52.3% of spending will go toward the society. During this period, the SCT will spend 5% of its allotted 86.4bn-peso budget for 2011, meaning 4.29bn pesos (US$350mn) in January alone.

As a part of the e-Mexico program, the initiative will prioritize resources for IT services, providing the information and knowledge society some 2.25bn pesos to spend in January. The initiative is part of an effort to promote universal access to knowledge, learning and education through the use of IT and communications.

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The information and knowledge society will receive more resources in January than state entities such as the federal telecoms regulator Cofetel, the aeronautical authority Seneam and postal agency Sepomex.

The largest part of the SCT's annual budget is slated to be spent in June, when it will disburse 10.2bn pesos, compared with its average monthly allotment of 7.2bn pesos.