Social CRM to take off in 2 years, Solvis says

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

US consultancy services provider Solvis Consulting, specialized in CRM Solutions, believes the adoption of social CRM in Latin America will be more widespread at the corporate level in the next two years, partner and co-founder Jesús Hoyos told BNamericas.

The consultant said there are several companies in Latin America replicating the social CRM efforts developed in other markets, including Dell and Ford, and other regional firms such as BanColombia and Interbank.

"We are in the early adopter stage, and they have been very quiet about this. I believe it will take two years for social CRM to become big. Early next year we'll see the results of the implementations of the early adopters," Hoyos said.

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With social CRM, companies are able to track customers' comments and trends through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, and use the information available at wikis or blogs.

"If the company is not a part of this conversation, it will be left behind. The company that makes all the efforts to talk to its consumers through these channels is the one that will have the market advantage," he added.

Hoyos said that just as companies have a call center channel for customer support, they will also need to have a special channel to deal with social networks.

According to the consultant, countries including Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Mexico are moving to use social CRM, particularly for SMEs. For example, Hoyos said, there is a program run by the Colombian government that offers a 50% subsidy for exporter SMEs that implement a CRM application.