Sunad Expects to Bill US$15-20mn Though Online Actions

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Peru's Tax Superintendency (Sunad) will launch online auctions of confiscated and abandoned property, through which it expects to bill US$15mn to US$20mn annually, four times the amount that the Peruvian state currently makes on public auctions each year, El Comercio (Peru) reoprted.

The auctions will be available through existing website Aduanet ( and soon-to-be-launched Remate de Aduanas(

Users will have free access to an inventory of all merchandise in Sunad's custody, displaying pictures and detailed technical descriptions of products such as television sets, video recorders, electric fans, stereos, car parts and computers. Sales will be direct, without intermediaries.

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Interested buyers will be able to place their orders on the site, and ten days after the auction, Sunad will email the outcome to the bidders. Payment conditions have

yet to be defined.