Abinee: Tablets could cost less than US$600

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tax breaks could help Brazilian electronics manufacturers bring the price of tablets down to under 1,000 reais (US$598) this year, according to the national electric and electronics industry association Abinee.

Abinee president Humberto Barbato has lobbied officials from the treasury and communications ministry (Minicom) to include tablets on a list of devices that are entitled to lower taxation as part of a government technological innovation drive, the association said in a statement.

Barbato presented prototypes of tablets being developed in Brazil and said domestically produced models could hit the retail market within four months, an association spokesperson confirmed. Abinee believes tablets are the evolution of notebooks and netbooks and therefore should be given equal standing under the law, the statement read.

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Communications minister Paulo Bernardo has previously expressed support for the idea of including tablets in government digital inclusion initiatives, intended to increase the Brazilian population's access to technology.