Acronis highlights opportunities in govt technology investment

Friday, August 5, 2011

Latin American governments - particularly Mexico, Colombia and Chile - are increasing investments to implement technology for the education sector, which translates into a business opportunity for US data recovery company Acronis, the firm's regional director, Xavier Aguirre, told BNamericas.

Latin America is the main focus for the company, which is "investing heavily" in the region in terms of training and advertising for channel partners, Aguirre said without providing hard numbers.

Additionally from this market niche, Acronis has detected a trend related to the migration to the cloud.

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"We're also focusing on old data centers that have been around for many years in a company" as many clients need a refresh and are looking at virtualization as their main option, said Acronis' general manager for the Americas, Izzy Azeri. "So we offer protection to their new data centers. As virtualization grows, so does our business, because they need protection."

Acronis offers an out-of-the-box solution for backup recovery that can be downloaded from the internet, "so IT managers can start using it very quickly," Azeri added.

With a worldwide workforce of over 750 and more than 20,000 resellers, Azeri said he is "very optimistic" about the company's future growth based on its business model.

Acronis, which works exclusively with channel partners and resellers, is currently doing a road show to train and support regional partners in Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico.