AMD introduces newest generation of accelerated processing units

Friday, April 8, 2011

US chip manufacturer AMD (NYSE: AMD) introduced a new generation of accelerated processing units (APUs) from the AMD Fusion line at an event in Santiago, Chile, hosted by AMD Latin America senior field engineer José Luis Fernández.

The units aim to integrate power, design, portability and performance, and according to AMD they give the end-user machine four times the power capabilities of the previous generation.

According to AMD, companies such as Acer, HP, Samsung and Sony are including in their products the new units, which bring together the graphics processing unit (GPU) and CPU onto a single chip.

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In a press release, AMD said study results showed that its AMD E-350 APU reduced the carbon footprint throughout the overall product's total life by 40%, compared with the previous generation. The study found that the AMD Fusion APU reference system generated 40.2kg of greenhouse gas emissions, compared with 64.7kg before.

The company said that integrating the computing and graphics processors onto a single platform is the reason for the reduced emissions. The study calculated the total greenhouse gas emissions of the system, from the silicon fabrication of the APU through use phases of its life cycle.