Blue Coat to open 4 new data centers in Latin America next year

Friday, December 9, 2011

US web accelerator and security firm Blue Coat Systems intends to open four data centers in Latin America in 2012, possibly one for each quarter, the company's regional VP, Bert Milan, told BNamericas.

The centers will support Blue Coat's data center in Miami, which manages the company's Latin American operations.

Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia will host the facilities. According to Milan, the centers are being established through local partners and are in different stages; as such, definite schedules have yet to be set.

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Milan said Blue Coat has enjoyed a sharp efficiency boost after reducing the number of its representatives in Latin America by 40% and opting for more technically capable partners.

"We used to have some 400 representatives in the region, and we now have about 220. We opted for a more select base, in which our partners are better prepared and trained to deliver our solutions and represent us," he said.


Milan said the company is in the second part of a three-year strategy, started at end-2009. The first stage entailed reforming and reducing Blue Coat's regional representation and was concluded at the beginning of this year.

The current stage is focused on enhancing Blue Coat's regional marketing strategy, focusing in its commercial partners.

"And for next year, we will focus on specializing our channels, closely following how our partners are working and reinforcing their strengths," Milan said.

The executive said Blue Coat saw 32% growth in Latin America in its fiscal 2011, ended in April, and expects similar performance for fiscal 2012.