Brazil named top country in cloud solution adoption

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brazil is the leading country in Latin America in terms of cloud computing adoption, with 54% of companies surveyed using this service, said Marcelo Ruiz, IT and communications consulting director at consultancy Frost & Sullivan.

The study was conducted with 110 regional corporate companies in different vertical markets, such as banking, communications, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing and services.

"For this survey we gave more cover to certain economies, like Mexico and Brazil. For example, in Brazil we included 50 companies, [as well as] 20 in Mexico and 20 in Colombia, so we can balance GDP and companies' potential in these countries," Ruiz told BNamericas.

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According to the consultancy, Mexico follows Brazil with 50% of firms adopting cloud solutions. Overall, 47% of Latin American companies have adopted cloud computing.

"Although cloud computing adoption rates are higher in Mexico and Brazil, large enterprises in Latin America are strongly engaging the cloud computing concept, and the adoption rate for the short term is likely to increase 30%," Ruiz said.

Additionally, there is "clear current adoption" from three main verticals - industry and manufacturing, banking and finance, and IT and telecom.

According to Frost & Sullivan, 65% of companies in the region are planning to adopt or expand their cloud computing architectures in 2011 and 2012.

Private cloud - either outsourced or developed in-house - is still the main trend in the region (65%). Hybrid (30%) and public (5%) models are expected to gain share in the near future, as companies start to warm up to this new technology business model and more successful local case studies are released, Ruiz added.