Cabinet authorizes creation of Industria Canaima

Monday, September 5, 2011

Venezuela's presidential cabinet has authorized the creation of state company Industria Canaima to support the country's educational program, Canaima Educativo, according to press reports.

Industria Canaima will be in charge of manufacturing and marketing the parts and pieces of computer equipment and telecommunications systems for the Canaima project.

According to decree 8,440, published in the official gazette, the state company will include a general assembly of shareholders and be managed by a board of directors, comprising a chairman and four directors.

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The company will operate under the umbrella of the science, technology and industry ministry (MCTI).

The capital will be subscribed and entirely held by state-owned telco Telecom Venezuela.

Canaima Educativo started in 2009, delivering 50,000 open source laptops manufactured in Portugal in its first phase. The devices - running on GNU/Linux Canaima open source software, developed in Venezuela - were dispatched directly to students in school during this phase.

In the second phase, PCs will be delivered to homes, for the students to better interact with their parents, siblings and other family members, according to the government.