CCSS applies for US$200mn World Bank loan to improve healthcare networks

Monday, April 25, 2011

Costa Rican social security system CCSS has applied for a US$200mn loan from the World Bank to fund a US$381mn project to improve the country's healthcare networks, which includes technology-related initiatives, according to a project information document (PID) posted by the World Bank.

The project's team is preparing for a two-phase, adaptable program loan to enhance performance and cost efficiency of healthcare networks by modernizing infrastructure, data generation, management and decision-making tools.

A key result expected from the project is for healthcare management units and hospitals to use identifier electronic medical records to manage patients across different levels of care, allowing CCSS to determine and track individual healthcare costs for services.

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In the first phase of the project, a US$200mn investment will focus on strengthening institutional capacity, with initiatives such as the design, acquisition and installation of digital and electronic platforms and communication systems.

It would also establish a new center for clinical excellence and technology adoption. The technology adoption center is expected to produce and disseminate evaluations and recommendations in accordance with international standards.

With the remaining investment of US$181mn, the project's second phase will focus on completing infrastructure and activities, as well as on management tools to improve efficiency and healthcare quality. Investments will be made in introducing the new electronic and digital infrastructure, technical assistance and training.

Throughout both stages of the project, two secondary level hospitals will be built, and preparations made for the construction of a tertiary level hospital.

World Bank appraisal of the loan application is slated to finish August 1, while the board's approval is expected around October 4.