Cimcorp lands US$1.3mn virtualization contract for São Paulo military police

Monday, October 24, 2011

Brazilian IT solutions firm Cimcorp has been awarded a US$1.3mn contract from the São Paulo military police, the company's US parent, Midas Medici, said in a statement.

Under the contract, Cimcorp will upgrade the military police's server infrastructure and enhance its virtualization environment.

The project entails eight new physical servers, provided by HP (NYSE: HPQ), to replace the old server cluster. These servers will be set up and run using virtualization software to provide 400-500 virtual servers to run the military police's entire intranet environment.

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The intranet must perform a variety of tasks, including: operational intelligence systems, email, monitoring end-to-end services, and the number 190 call centers (equivalent to 911 in the US).

The old servers will not be discarded, but instead reused for the military police's internet environment, which will be run on 50-60 virtual servers.

Cimcorp, acquired in August this year by Midas Medici, has operated in Brazil since 1988 and currently has eight offices and 2,000 employees in 10 states.