Civil registry to name winner of new ID card, passport tender in days

Friday, October 14, 2011

Chile's civil registry will announce the winning tender to modernize the country's national ID card and passport systems in the next few days, local press reported.

The tender will continue as scheduled, according to unnamed source cited in the local press, despite that there is only one company still in the race, French firm Morpho (formerly known as Sagem Sécurité).

Once the civil registry awards the tender, for a 10-year, US$380mn contract, the country's comptroller give final approval.

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Days from a final decision, which is seen as likely to go in Morpho's favor, Spanish IT firm Indra announced a injunction challenging Morpho's technical evaluation, local paper Diario Financiero reported.

In July 2010, Indra was chosen but later disqualified from the tender because it failed to submit the required guarantee on time.

In June, the public procurement tribunal determined that the original tender won by Indra was "illegal and arbitrary."

Morpho's technical evaluation is being challenged since it fails to meet the bidding rules, Indra's lawyer in Chile, Juan Domingo Acosta, was quoted as saying.

Another injunction submitted by Indra is still pending in the local court of appeals against the resolution excluding the company from the process.

If the new injunction is accepted and the court rules in favor of Indra, Morpho could be disqualified and a new tender launched.