Cloud opportunities abound regardless of elections, says Soluciones Orión

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chilean security services provider Soluciones Orión sees opportunities in Peru's developing cloud business, regardless of which direction the presidential elections take on Sunday (June 5), Pablo Massis, Orión's country manager for Peru, told BNamericas.

"On the one hand you have Keiko [Fujimori, who is more right leaning]. She represents continuity, and the Peruvian economy has been doing extremely well in the last few years. On the other hand you have [left leaning Ollanta] Humala, who five years ago was more radical but has now toned down his rhetoric and represents a socialist government - along the lines of what [Luiz Inácio] Lula da Silva was for Brazil," he said.

And just as in most Latin American countries, cloud computing is beginning to take off in Peru. Given the substantial operational and cost savings it represents, companies can no longer afford not to be on board, he said. "It's like pizza delivery. A few years ago, delivery in 30 minutes was a novelty; today it is standard service."

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And with Fujimori's continuity, cloud computing will continue on its upward climb. In Peru, Soluciones Orión has been providing security for cloud services since 2008, and Massis firmly believes that the cloud will be the company's growth leverage in the country. It moved some US$1.3mn last year, surging 91% from 2009, and the country manager is expecting "at least" 100% growth for 2011.

On the other hand, the country will have to see how things go with Humala at the helm and as the rules of the game are defined. If worse comes to worst, however, what goes in favor of the cloud is that the storage of core information can be done off company premises, in a location that is largely unknown, the executive said. This lends to added company security and continuation of business.

But until the election takes place and investors can see which direction the country will head, they are holding off from making further investments, he noted. "We've even postponed some projects until we see where the country will go."


One of the major threats to the cloud business that Massis sees in Peru has to do with the varied quality of the solutions on offer. The country manager, appointed to his position in April, said he has been quite surprised by the poor quality of some cloud solutions being proposed to companies.

"There are some providers that have never worked with the cloud, but since this is a growing trend, they try to get in with whatever they can offer, and they focus mainly on the price point," he said. "And in Peru, price is still a major concern."

The poor quality solutions may upset the rising tide of cloud computing, and providing the correct solution would still take some more evangelization, he added. And in Orión's favor, "we have four years of experience in this market."

In Peru, the firm has several clients including Pacífico Seguros, Yobel SCM, La Positiva Vida, La Positiva Seguros Generales, Minera Buenaventura, Americatel, Komatsu, BBVA, Nextel and Interbank.

In Latin America, Soluciones Orión also has presence in Argentina and Colombia.

Orión is a Google Apps authorized reseller.