Computer manufacturer association calls for inclusion in tax exemptions

Friday, July 1, 2011

Peru's association of computer manufacturers expects a current draft bill - which aims to promote computer assembly and reduce the digital gap - to be rejected, according to local press.

The association, comprised of Lenovo, HP and Dell, called on congress to turn down the bill "because its concept is wrong. The spirit of the proposal does not consider all computer industry players," said Lenovo's general manager for Peru and Chile, Gaspar Fernández-Concha.

If the draft bill - which would exempt local PC manufacturers from the general sales tax (IGV) - continues its course through congress, legislators should at least consider a new law that includes all players, including international brands and local assemblers, under the exemption, he said.

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"It's necessary to hear from all sectors involved, so we can avoid unsustainable laws," Fernandez-Concha said. The way the current bill is written is in violation of international agreements signed with the World Trade Organization (WTO), and if it is passed, any country in the WTO could lodge a complaint, he added.

Peru's government said its coffers would receive some 336mn soles (US$122mn) less per year if the law is passed.