Corporate sector showing appetite for tablets

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Brazilian tablet market shows great growth potential and could threaten smartphone and netbook sales, consultancy Frost & Sullivan said in a statement.

Frost identified the corporate market as a ripe target for tablet adoption. The sector purchased about 5% of total devices bought in 2010, but could account for 30% by 2015. The pharmaceutical, construction and consumer goods verticals in particular have shown early enthusiasm for tablets.

Email and sales support software, such as customer relations management and business intelligence systems, lead the array of tablet applications that corporations are likely to employ, according to Frost.

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Obstacles to tablet penetration include a dearth of application developers, 3G plans, tablet subsidies and device diversity, as Apple's iPads account for more than 90% of all devices sold in Brazil, Frost analyst Fernando Belfort said.