Crystalis Consulting expects revenues to expand 20-25% this year

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Argentine unit of Spanish IT consultancy firm Crystalis Consulting expects revenues to expand 20-25% this year compared to 2010, company commercial manager Javier Navarro told BNamericas without providing hard figures.

The executive said ERP consulting contributes with some 50% of the Argentine unit's revenues, with the remainder coming from help desk services and development solutions. "The areas that are growing more are mobility solutions, CSR solutions and business intelligence," he said.

Navarro said the company ended last year with a total of 80 active clients in the country. In 2010, Crystalis added 10 new companies to its client base, while "for 2011, we are expecting to add approximately 14 new clients."

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Commenting on the business outlook for 2011 in Argentina, the executive noted that the company is seeing increasing opportunities in several verticals including retail, project management, and public administration and utilities.

Navarro said the Argentine operation currently accounts for some 20% of the Spanish firm's overall revenues.

Crystalis focuses exclusively on services related to SAP (NYSE: SAP) software solutions. In Latin America, it has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and Central America.