Cybercriminals launch 3.5 new computer threats each second

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Every second cybercriminals launch 3.5 new computer threats in the world, according to a press release from the Latin American division of Japanese security solutions provider Trend Micro (Nasdaq: TMIC).

Trend Micro highlighted some of the major cybercrime issues it expects for 2011, with one of the main problems being attacks against virtual systems and critical servers' infrastructure. According to the company, the diversity of operating systems will result in cybercriminals focusing on internet-based services.

Another threat Trend Micro highlighted was targeted attacks and cyber espionage, specifically targeting medium-sized companies. Trend Micro foresees emerging and existing cybercrime organizations joining forces.

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Social engineering will become a target of smarter malware campaigns in 2011, according to Trend Micro. These campaigns will center on unsecure websites and emails in HTML formats, with URLs directed to malicious sites.

Other predictions for cybercrime in 2011 include the evolution of malware attacks, attacks oriented at security providers and more attacks on mobile devices. In addition, Trend Micro expects legacy operating systems to be vulnerable and to see infections from old malware, as security providers will have a difficult problem fighting all the threats.