DBNeT works with Saga Falabella for e-billing services

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chilean software developer DBNeT is working on a pilot program to implement electronic billing in Peru with retailer Saga Falabella, in a program being driven by that country's government tax agency, Sunat, according to a press release from DBNeT.

For the pilot, DBNeT provided Saga Falabella with its billing and electronic tax document solutions. Sunat is working with 17 large companies in Peru, in a program that is geared toward businesses that drive large volumes of sales and purchases. The aim is to validate the system in Peru.

According to DBNeT, the benefits of electronic billing are cost savings and streamlining companies' management and productivity.

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DBNeT said electronic billing can represent savings on billing costs due to the elimination of paper usage, while at the same time improving company processes and optimizing the use of e-commerce. According to the company, electronic billing also reduces the cost of tax compliance and improves customs clearance procedures, among other benefits.

Sunat hopes to drive e-commerce in Peru to improve tax compliance and further the process of consolidating e-government.