Difficult times for CIOs, exciting times for IT industry, says HP

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Consumerization, widespread technological knowledge, and the cloud and virtualization trends are revolutionizing the IT market in an historical way, HP Software executive VP and general manager Bill Veghte told BNamericas.

The main changes concern the possibilities in the IT segment and the IT professional's role inside a company, according to Veghte, who took part in a round table discussion with journalists during the HP Discover event taking place in Vienna.

"The CIO is now more a broker of services, as virtualization and cloud are decentralizing his role," noted Veghte, adding that these executives have to be alert to not get "run over."

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"There is a lot of pressure now also because of the consumerization of the segment - pressure I've never seen before."

Companies "have to serve the business better, provide greater flexibility and agility, the right level of security for their business and the ability to store information properly," the executive said, but they have overall failed to recognize IT segment needs.

But the IT segment is also going through a unique moment to build up and create, Veghte believes. "Those are difficult times for the CIOs, but at the same time exciting times for the IT segment, especially to develop software and applications."

And that is precisely the goal of HP's software unit, the executive added. "We are focusing our R&D budget on the IT Performance Suite platform, in order to find the best way to help companies managing information."

Veghte stressed that HP intends to increasingly take market share from competitors and traditional market players in the software segment.