Digital commerce forecast to grow 100% this year

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Digital commerce in Chile is expected to grow more than 100% this year, local media outlet Diario Financiero reported Latin American e-commerce institute ILCE's president, Marcos Pueyrredon, as saying.

According to Pueyrredon, Chile's e-commerce growth rates will surpass the expected regional average of 40%.

Pueyrredon highlighted factors pushing the growth in the region such as market consolidation, the establishment of a considerable internet user base and an increase in devices capable of accessing the internet, such as computers and smartphones.

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Today's internet users in Latin America are more willing to buy online, as they have had mostly positive experiences with the platform, according to Pueyrredon.

Additionally, ILCE said that the growth will not be at the expense of pre-existing business channels, but that the internet will instead complement them.