E-commerce bills US$1.86bn in 2010

Monday, April 4, 2011

E-commerce operations in Argentina billed 7.76bn pesos (US$1.86bn) in 2010, climbing 48% compared with 5.24bn pesos the previous year, according to a study by local e-commerce chamber Cace.

In 2001, e-commerce billed only 80mn pesos, according to the study.

Business-to-consumer (B2C) operations generated revenues of 7.13bn pesos last year, while consumer-to-consumer transactions accounted for the remaining 620mn pesos.

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Cace said the boost in e-commerce revenues in 2010 was mainly explained by factors such as the country's increasing number of internet users, of people who buy goods and services online, and of companies operating in the e-commerce segment.

The study also said 8.5mn people carried out at least one e-commerce transaction during 2010.

Taking into account the volume generated by e-commerce transactions last year, this activity accounted for 1.93% of the country's GDP, the study added.

The average annual ticket for 2010 was 914 pesos, down from 1,035 pesos the previous year. In 2001, the average annual ticket was 183 pesos, according to the study.

The study also forecasts e-commerce billing 11bn pesos this year.