Emerging markets push up cost of online software piracy - BSA

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Overall trends in online software piracy point to a decreasing number of cases worldwide, but its cost to industry is still rising, buoyed mainly by emerging markets, the Business Software Alliance's (BSA) general counsel and antipiracy VP, Jodie Kelley, told BNamericas.

"Market growth in countries which have higher piracy rates determines a continuous increase in the commercial value of pirated software," the executive said.

According to BSA's latest reports, despite a slight downturn in piracy rates, the global software industry lost an estimated US$59bn due to illegal software use in 2010. This value is calculated through the overall commercial value of unlicensed software.

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Kelley said the main explanation for this phenomenon was the expansion of IT markets in emerging economies.

"Emerging economies, for example, were responsible for half of the world's total PC shipments in 2010," she said. "These economies are growing at a rapid pace, and the higher levels of piracy in these markets are contributing to higher levels of losses overall."

To read the full interview with Kelley, see this week's IT Perspectives, for subscribers only.