Expanding daylight savings to cause productivity loss in local companies - Acti

Monday, March 14, 2011

Chile's decision to push back the time change for daylight savings from March 12 to April 2 will impact productivity of local companies, local IT industry association Acti's secretary general Hernán Orellan said in a press release.

According to Orellana, Chile's decision to delay setting its clocks back until April 2, will force the modification of scheduling programs on all computers, resulting in a productivity loss.

Orellana said addressing the problem is not as simple as setting the clock forward an hour, but instead the time zone must be changed and all applications which interact based on a schedule must be attended to accordingly. If not, consequences resulting from lack of scheduling coordination could occur.

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Additionally, several hours per worker will be spent to adapt the devices to the time change delay, resulting in a loss of resources.

The Acti executive also noted that this could affect the international image of Chile, damaging the country's image of efficiency and modernity.

The problem will resurface on April 2 when the time in Chile will actually change, falling back an hour in the southern hemisphere's Autumn season, according to Orellana.