Faronics partnership aims to boost Entersoft sales 12%

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chilean business solutions developer Entersoft expects sales to grow some 12% in volume based on a new partnership with Vancouver-based software developer Faronics, Entersoft general manager Rodrigo Acevedo told BNamericas.

In addition, the partnership is expected to boost the company's client base by 15%, Acevedo added.

"We offer added value with this partnership, providing onsite support for clients, from the rollout of the solution to the demo," the executive said.

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The partnership with Faronics, signed midyear, will allow Entersoft to cover new vertical markets, such as education, hospitality and energy saving, with IT management solutions for mass use and low licensing costs.

"We've developed a very strong campaign in private schools and universities. Some clients already had these solutions, but we're offering the updated version. We're aiming at a niche market that was unattended here in Chile - education," Acevedo said. "Many knew the product, they had references, but didn't have a partner to provide support. And that's what we're doing."

In the energy vertical, coupled with the company's strategy to target domestic clients, Entersoft will leverage its new alliance with Faronics to bring energy-saving solutions to regions outside of Chilean capital Santiago that traditionally have not been covered.

"Our targets are those companies interested in energy saving, companies that have incorporated the concept in their policies," the executive said.

With Faronics, Entersoft has already secured several clients in the hospitality sector, and several departments at Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

This year, Entersoft also renewed its partnership with US software provider CA Technologies (NYSE: CA) - specializing in workload automation, ERP software, applications and emerging technology - which represents 35% of the company's revenues.

As representatives of CA, Entersoft has been providing services for domestic clients in the financial, retail and mining sectors. In the mining industry, the company is negotiating agreements with several companies, Acevedo said, including state copper company Codelco. It is also targeting the industry through intermediaries such as the vendor qualification system Sicep.

Next year, Entersoft will resume its plans to target the salmon fishery market with CA Technologies solutions.

"We haven't been able to target that [sector]. The plan stagnated, but I think in March we're going to pick up strong. That was because the mining sector demanded more time than we expected. But we anticipate a recovery for the salmon fisheries market by mid-2012 or end of next year after the detection of the virus [infectious salmon anemia virus, ISAV]," Acevedo added.

In addition, Entersoft is negotiating a new partnership agreement, expected to close in January or February, with Spanish software developer Programación Integral, which develops applications designed for the power sector. The move would open a new market for Entersoft.

Entersoft started in Chile 18 years ago and has participated in several projects around Latin America, in places such as Puerto Rico and Argentina, through local partners with CA Technologies solutions.

Although it is not in the company's short-term plans, Acevedo said Entersoft is looking into expanding coverage with presence in Argentina and Peru, but does not have any concrete plans as of yet.