Four principal IT security threats for Latin America, rest of world - Symantec

Friday, March 18, 2011

There are four main security threats facing Latin America, as well as the rest of the world: false anti-virus programs, false hard disc programs, social engineering threats and malicious search results, US security firm Symantec's (Nasdaq: SYMC) Latin America regional consumer director Gonzalo Erroz told BNamericas.

According to Erroz, who was speaking on the sidelines of launch five of Symantec's security solution Norton 360, false anti-virus programs were the most prolific security challenge during 2010, while in October, Symantec began to see a consistent flow of false scanners and defragmenter tools for the hard disk.

In terms of social engineering threats, links posted on networking sites such as Facebook, which take the user to unsecure sites, have also become an increasing problem. For threats related to search results, Symantec found that during 2010 in one out of every three searches at least 10% of the results were malicious.

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Erroz said Symantec's Norton Safe Web solution, included in the new version of Norton 360, works to specifically verify the links shared on Facebook walls and search results.

Symantec found that globally in 2010, there were 286mn different computer security threats at an average of nine threats per second, according to a press release from the company.

According to Symantec, these threats were focused on personal, corporate and government computers.