Garbarino proposes plan to manufacture 100,000 tablets in Tierra del Fuego

Monday, January 24, 2011

Household goods retailer Garbarino has presented a proposal to the Argentine industry ministry to manufacture 100,000 tablets in southern Tierra del Fuego province through the company Tecnosur, according to a press release from the ministry.

The move comes just after industry minister Debora Giorgi established a decree further opening up and extending a promotional scheme to push electronics industry production in the province. Also, Giorgi announced a deadline extension to June 30 for companies to present their proposals to the ministry.

According to Giorgi, the government's push for public policies to encourage electronics manufacturing will promote digital inclusion. She added that another goal of the plan is to replace high-tech imports with domestic-made products, while at the same time generate skilled jobs.

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The ministry has already approved three investment projects for 2011, which involve producing 1.7mn portable computers in Tierra del Fuego and investments of up to 80mn pesos (US$20.1mn). There are 13 additional projects currently being analyzed.

In the year since the initial decree was established to promote the electronics industry on Tierra del Fuego, the province has seen US$360mn in investments; an increase in the production of LCD monitors, cell phones, TVs and DVDS; and 2,100 new jobs.