Govt decrees digital inclusion laptops to belong to students after graduation

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Argentine President Cristina Fernández has signed a decree through which public school students, upon graduating from high school, will own the laptops they have received under a state-run connectivity plan, local press reported.

Students will also be trained in the use of IT tools, according to the report.

The Argentine government has distributed 358,227 laptops in public schools across the country as of February 1, under digital inclusion program Conectar Igualdad, the government said in a statement.

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With this figure, the government has completed 62% of the first phase of the program. By end-March this year, the initial phase is expected to be finished, with the distribution of more than 577,000 laptops.

The government's digital inclusion plan has an end goal of providing 3mn laptops to high school students over the next three years.

By the end of this year, 90% of the program is slated to be completed.