Gtd building new data center in downtown Santiago

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chilean telecoms group Grupo Gtd is currently building a new data center in capital Santiago's downtown area to complement its evolving strategy of offering housing and infrastructure as a service, company IT services development manager Cristián Eyzaguirre told BNamericas.

Though he would not give more details, Eyzaguirre said the average investment in a data center is US$20mn.

Gtd opened an earthquake resistant, 2,500m2 class 3 data center in March 2010 in downtown Santiago, at which it has more than 50% of capacity used.

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Asked whether it was unusual to build a data center in such a built-up area - other major data centers such as those of Entel, HP (NYSE: HPQ) and Global Crossing (Nasdaq: GLBC) are built outside or on the outskirts of Santiago - Eyzaguirre said there are advantages and disadvantages.

"An advantage in one sense can become a disadvantage in another. Definitively the space to expand horizontally in Santiago is non-existent, and we've had to opt for a non-orthodox architecture of a seven-story building. Clearly an open site of a traditional data center gives you more space to dissipate heat," he said.

The advantage is the greater density of energy and connectivity networks, which means less likelihood of an energy or connectivity blackout compared to outside Santiago, Eyzaguirre said. "Data centers - no matter how sophisticated they are in terms of their architecture, construction and adherence to international norms for availability - are totally useless if they don't have connectivity."

Grupo Gtd uses technology from virtualization software firm VMware (NYSE: VMW) to offer virtualization services.