High-demand events a good opportunity for cloud business - Cisco

Friday, February 11, 2011

In Latin America, Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) sees increasing applicability for cloud computing in major events where demand for access rises quickly, Cisco executives told BNamericas during a web conference.

"Major sports events, for example, around major sales or any time the popularity of something spikes very fast - that's where you really want to have the elastic properties of cloud computing," said Cisco's CTO for cloud computing, Lew Tucker. "Otherwise you're going to miss that traffic; you're going to miss that business."

Cisco Chile's data center products sales specialist, Fernando Cordero, used Chile's biennial Teletón as a regional example of an event where cloud services' elastic capabilities were beneficial.

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According to Cordero, this year the Teletón was hosted on Chilean IT systems integrator Sonda's cloud computing services, which are implemented through the Vblock solution deployed under the virtual computing environment alliance among US storage solutions supplier EMC (NYSE: EMC), Cisco and California-based virtualization software company VMware (NYSE: VMW).

During the Teletón, the hosts expected to expand from one virtual server to eight, but actually ended up needing 48 servers.


Chile is showing good examples of cloud computing adoption and services, as the country currently has two large cloud providers with a third hopefully on the way, Cordero said. Adoption is being seen at all levels, from startups to growing companies, he added, and large companies in Chile are looking for better ways to use the technology.

Cisco Chile is working with cloud service providers on improving their infrastructure and to ensure data centers are equipped with fast internet and the ability to provide services in a timely manner. According to Cordero, cloud service providers in Chile are at varied levels of preparedness, but none have quite put all the pieces together.

"We're working on many aspects. We're trying to move people to the cloud market, but we're also working with the cloud service providers, trying to help them improve their offer, with products, services and alliances," Cordero said.

The specialist foresees a number of alliances and partnerships on the way for Cisco Chile. He said that in the future, Cisco will have partnerships and involvement in every aspect of cloud computing, from the data centers, to the networks, to the cloud services themselves such as computing, virtualization, operating systems and applications.