In less mature markets, CIOs tend to resist change, new tech - HP exec

Friday, December 2, 2011

The different rate at which outsourcing and cloud practices are implemented across worldwide markets has to do with an underlying problem of maturity and understanding, HP's IT outsourcing senior VP Pete Karolczak told BNamericas.

According to the executive, an overall slow cloud implementation in countries with a relatively booming IT segment, such as Brazil, can be explained by a lack of maturity of its IT professionals and executives.

"The thing is that - and I'm really generalizing on this - in less mature markets, the maturity of the CIOs equally tends to be less developed," Karolczak said on the sidelines of HP's Discover conference in Vienna.

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The executive added that the situation is "even worse" in China, where the IT professionals tend to be more inflexible to change and new technological approaches than in other markets.

Though highlighting that HP no longer considers countries such as Brazil and China as "emerging" but "emerged," he noted that executives in those countries overall still hesitate on moving into the cloud, mainly fearing the safety of their data.

But tendency is not a widespread reality, Karolczak added, pointing to several "big, major companies" in Brazil that are embracing the cloud.

Among some of HP's cloud clients in the country, the executive named mining giant Vale and aircraft maker Embraer.