Intel, Petrobras unveil "intelligent" gas station

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

US chip manufacturer Intel and Brazilian oil giant Petrobras have launched in Rio de Janeiro an intelligent gas station that recognizes registered drivers when they enter the forecourt, news source Convergência Digital reported.

The solution comprises an integrated platform based on audience identification management (AIM) technology, and is said to be the first case in the world of Intel targeting a technological initiative at gas stations.

At the newly opened station in Rio, the platform will use customers' registration information from Petrobras' database, allowing them to be identified and receive customized offers when they fuel their vehicles.

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Once registered, a driver's vehicle will be identified as soon as it enters the station, by cameras and sensors attached to radio frequency identification (RFID) media panels.

"While fueling his car, the driver will be facing an LED panel presenting services, products and personalized advertising," Intel Brazil's innovation director, Max Leite, was quoted as saying.

The system will also show when drivers need to change their cars' oil, as well as other car maintenance services, products or specific content.

In the station's convenience store, customers will have access to interactive services like games, social networks and road maps, also through high-definition panels, with the option of printing or sending search results by email.

Apart from the software that the entire system runs on, Intel technology is used in the displays, RFID antennae, cameras and kiosks, as well as the servers hosting the solution.

Petrobras' IT architecture manager, Eliza Mihaguti, said that for now, the system is hosted in the cloud with help from Intel partners. But the goal is to migrate it to a private cloud as soon as the pilot phase is completed, in six month.

After this period, the idea is to expand the service to other Petrobras gas stations.