Internet hackers to become more industrialized, says NovaRed

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

During 2011, internet hackers are likely to become more industrialized and professional as they create cybercrime organizations, Chilean IT solutions provider NovaRed's general manager, Miguel Pérez, said in a press release.

In Chile specifically, Pérez said the number of attacks grew 300% in the last three months compared with the previous quarter, due to the industrialization of hackers as they convert into organized groups.

According to Pérez, as technology increasingly becomes part of daily life, hackers are no longer simply blocking a service but trying to hurt business and end users.

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The executive said people can now contract hacking companies to do the attacking, leading to a hacking industry. NovaRed said one of the most valuable pieces of information for the attackers is a username and password, for which they can be paid well on the internet.

This year, hackers will react to the growing unscrupulous industry by investing more resources in their attack techniques and in skills to avoid detection, according to Pérez.

Another trend will be the merging of cybercrime organizations and the buyout of smaller groups, just as in any other industry, he said. Smaller organizations lacking resources will be put out of business.