IT union accepts ministry compromise, awaits employers' decision

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

São Paulo state IT workers union SindPD has accepted a proposal from Brazilian work ministry MPT, which has stepped in as mediator between the strike-threatening union and IT companies, according to a release from SindPD.

The employers union Seprosp will now present the terms for vote at its next meeting, scheduled for Friday (Mar 25). Until then, SindPD has said it will hold off on the strike. However, "they either accept the compromise, or we strike," said SindPD president Antonio Neto. "There are no other alternatives."

MPT is recommending a linear increase in salaries of 8.6%, a food subsidy of 12 reais (US$7.20) a day for an eight-hour day (and an extra 6 reais for overtime work), implementation of a profit sharing plan and salary floors for IT analysts and programmers.

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SindPD originally asked for an 11.9% increase in salaries, implementation of a profit sharing plan, salary floors and a food subsidy of 15 reais a day.