IT workers union calls for "war" on employers

Monday, February 28, 2011

São Paulo state IT workers union SindPD posted a statement on its website urging members to "declare war" on employers.

SindPD posted the note after employers union Seprosp cancelled a bargaining session late last week. The blue-collar association called for a meeting on March 12 to discuss legal recourses against Seprosp and a potential strike.

"A declaration of war may seem, for many, somewhat strong," wrote SindPD president Antonio Neto. "But often, the declaration of war, in the sense of struggle, is the only means we're left with to ensure justice."

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SindPD and Seprosp negotiate on an annual basis. This year, talks have centered on a workers' proposal to increase linear salaries by 11.9%. Employers have held to a proposed raise of 6.47%.

"The sector had a very good year in 2010," Neto previously told BNamericas. "There was 10-15% growth for the market, with some companies performing much better than that."

Representatives from two leading Brazilian IT firms - services provider Tivit and software developer Totvs - told BNamericas they were monitoring the developments and plan to act in accordance with Seprosp guidance.

The deliberations between SindPD and Seprosp could ultimately impact some 90,000 IT workers at more than 7,800 companies in São Paulo.