"Just off the boat" Spamina pushes cloud email security across sectors

Monday, January 10, 2011

Spanish email security firm Spamina is staking the success of its newly launched Brazilian unit on the adoption of its cloud-based solutions, Brazil country manager Luis Quintino told BNamericas.

"It's our first year here; we just got off the boat, and so it's difficult to talk about exact sales goals," he said. "I am focusing on having the [sales] channels and marketing activities in place, and I expect to end 2011 with 30-40 good channels. I think 30 channels would be more than enough to cover any sales expectations."

Spamina's email security suite comprises firewall products, including antivirus and anti-spam blockers; archiving solutions for indexing and archiving emails; data loss protection; and encryption protection. All of these services were sold in the past through software licenses and client arrangements, but they can now be marketed through the cloud.

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"Instead of having the upfront investment, you can get to the point where this is like the electricity you use," Quintino said. "You can turn it on and off and pay for what you use."

Offering public clouds, based out of a Spamina datacenter, and private clouds, hosted through clients' internal infrastructures, Quintino plans to target mainly medium and large businesses across multiple sectors.

"Our cloud solutions could be sold to anyone, from financial and corporate markets to government and other public agencies," he said. "The beauty of this is it's a concept that can work for someone who wants to screen 50 email boxes or 2mn boxes. Scalable distributed architecture (SDA) allows you to grow the boxes practically to a limitless number."


Spamina holds Brazil in particularly high regards, according to Quintino, because of the country's economic growth projections and the sophistication of its IT market. "The landscape is very competitive with many strong brands," he said. "Then again, there's space for a newcomer and new ways of doing business."

The competition, meanwhile, is reducing margins, as customers want to pay less for higher-quality services, Quintino said. Still, everyone from software to hardware companies want a piece of the action, or at least want to avoid being left behind.

"Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. On eight out of 10 websites these days, you see someone talking about the cloud," he said. "I can't predict what percentage of all services that cloud solutions are going to represent for us [in the future], but I would guess it would be a very high percentage."

Spamina started operations in Europe and has since moved into Latin America, with a particular focus on Brazil and Mexico. The firm also set up cloud services with Spanish telecom operator Telefonica in Florida - even though Spamina has yet to attend to the US market - to host services for clients in the Caribbean.

The company continues to explore partnerships with "top security" firms in Brazil, Quintino added, but will sustain its direct sales model for the time being.