Lack of software license recognition is cloud computing's main killer - VMware expert

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lack of software license recognition is cloud computing's main issue and barrier to adoption, California-based virtualization software firm VMware (NYSE: VMW) global cloud architect Mike DiPetrillo told BNamericas.

According to DiPetrillo, license recognition is an issue that has not been spoken about as much as it should be.

"For example, if I have a Microsoft operation system inside my organization, can I transfer that license to the cloud? So far that doesn't exist.... With Microsoft you have to have an enterprise license agreement with Microsoft, and, if they contract with Amazon, they [Amazon] will give a report back to Microsoft saying, 'Here are the details of the customer's license,'" said DiPetrillo, adding that licenses do not "fly backwards and forwards" and that the subject currently has a very low profile.

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"There are some people in Europe talking about it, a couple in the US, and there's a service provider in Australia... but it's a very hush-hush thing," he said.

At the moment, DiPetrillo said, the license issue is between the client and the provider.

Other "cloud killers" include the comfort factor, where people do not trust the cloud, and the compliance issue, where people have not been offered what they really need, he added.

"The comfort factor is a cloud killer because adapters can't feel the cloud, they can't trust it. The same happened with virtualization, when people thought it wasn't secure to use because servers were no longer on their premises," he added.

After the comfort factor, comes compliance, DiPetrillo said.

"You need to make sure that cloud is compliant with what you need, from the security perspective, service level perspective, performance, availability perspective... just make sure that that cloud is what you need," he said.