Latin America has clients, providers needed to boost NComputing's growth

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Latin American IT providers and the region's potential client portfolio are key to the growth of US desktop virtualization solutions provider NComputing, company marketing manager Isidro González told BNamericas.

According to González, Latin America is a strategic market for the company based on the potential clients - such as schools and universities - that the region offers. Furthermore, the market has the IT providers needed to implement NComputing's software applications.

"Latin America has the channels we need to offer our products, as well as the technical capacity to offer them, from servers and applications to software. We expect to double our sales in the region in the next two years," he added without providing hard numbers.

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NComputing's virtualization software and hardware take advantage of the unused capacity of PCs so that multiple users can share it simultaneously. The software is loaded on a standard Windows or Linux PC. Each user's monitor, keyboard and mouse connect to the shared PC through a small NComputing access device that has no CPU, memory or moving parts so that it is easy to deploy and maintain.


One of NComputing's main products is the "Class in a Box" application, which enables people to use multiple computers at the same time but with significantly lower energy usage and costs compared to other computer systems.

"Each seat costs US$300, but this all-inclusive solution can save up to 75-90% in maintenance and support costs," González said.

This year the product was launched in Mexico, soon to be followed by Argentina.

"We are in talks to offer the product in Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia and Chile," González added.