Latin America seen lagging in cloud services

Friday, June 3, 2011

Only 16% of Latin American CIOs responding to a study from consultancy Gartner said that they have adopted some form of cloud services, the consultancy reported.

"Recent Gartner studies indicate that Latin America is surprisingly behind the rest of the world in cloud services adoption," Gartner analyst Cassio Dreyfuss said.

The global IT services market, valued at close to US$820bn, has been changing rapidly influenced by cloud offers. The possible effects of this trend are varied, including putting an end to traditional outsourcing, creating a service and products convergence, or the beginning of a new outsourcing generation. As such, regional CIOs must take the appropriate measures to handle new risks and costs associated with cloud services, according Gartner.

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A combination between old and new services seems to be the most likely scenario, since cloud services are still in their infancy in the region. "Companies need to understand the changes coming from this situation, develop realistic strategies and required management capabilities," Dreyfuss said.

Agility, flexibility and innovation are the main benefits of cloud services, including scalability, a better cost-benefit relationship, and the implementation of different pricing models.