Latin America with 10% of Oracle's Exadata sales

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Latin America sells some 10% of the total of Oracle's (Nasdaq: ORCL) Exadata database machines, Luiz Meisler, senior VP of Oracle Latin America, told a gathering of journalists at the Oracle OpenWorld conference taking place in San Francisco.

During the event kickoff keynote address on Sunday (Oct 2), company CEO Larry Ellison said that he expected to sell some 3,000 of the "parallel everything" architectured machines on a worldwide level this year, compared to 1,000 last year.

The idea behind the "exas" - Exadata hardware, Exalogic middleware and Exalytics BI - is to consolidate the complexity of moving to the cloud and to optimize and transform business, lowering the total cost of ownership, Meisler said.

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With the processing capacity of Oracle's Exadata hardware, along with its Exalogic middleware, moving data can be several times faster for a company when compared to its current systems, but not all companies will always be ready to jump on board, the Latin America VP said. He noted that about a third of companies in the region are early adopters, another third followers with a "wait and see" outlook, and the remaining third doubters of new technology.

But the solutions are multiplatform, modular and built on open standards, allowing the company the freedom to pick and choose solutions that it feels best fit its needs.

Some 50% of Oracle Latin America's total sales are indirect, he added.