Latin American govts accelerate ICT use as pressure builds to optimize processes

Monday, April 25, 2011

ICT use in Latin America has accelerated as the pressure is on for governments to streamline their processes, according to a report on e-government and public management from the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Eclac).

Regional governments are seeing greater need to optimize and facilitate public processes and activities, while also making them more transparent and cost effective, according to the report. This need has resulted in accelerated ICT use for developing increasingly complex applications requiring support from dedicated architecture.

According to Eclac, e-government is the transformation of the entire government as well as a change in management. The new concept fuses intense ICT use with models of management, planning and administration.

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In most cases the states are using ICT to improve their e-government services and the information offered to citizens and public entities. ICT is being employed to improve and simplify institutional support processes, as well as to facilitate the creation of channels to increase transparency and public participation.

The Eclac report also highlights states' using ICT to optimize resources used in achieving government objectives.

Use this link to view the full report.