Legislators submit bill to promote IT hubs

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Peruvian lawmakers have submitted to congress a bill seeking to promote or implement scientific and IT parks in the country, congress reported on its website.

The bill looks to implement measures to promote joint scientific research projects, IT development and innovation among the national and regional governments, universities, research institutions and national and foreign companies based in Peru.

Implementing scientific and IT hubs in the country contributes to improving competitiveness and sustainable development, according to the bill.

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Projects for developing scientific and IT parks will have to be approved by national science, technology and IT innovation council Concytec, which would also create a registry of all joint projects developed by these entities.

Additionally, national fund for scientific and IT development Fondecyt and research and competitiveness fund Fidecom would allocate at least 30% of their resources to finance projects developed by IT hubs.

Use this link to see the full bill, in Spanish.