Malware infection main risk to Latin American IT companies

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Malware, lack of mission critical services and misuse of databases were the main incidents reported during 2010 in Latin American IT companies, according to antivirus and security software developer company Eset.

The results are part of an opinion poll carried out during several IT events in the region throughout 2010, with the input of 3,281 IT professionals.

According to the results, 39% of companies were victims of malware at least once over 12 months; 12% had problems with mission critical services; 12.1% had database access issues; and 7% had information stolen. An additional 17% recorded no incidents, but this could be a result of not knowing they were infected in the first place, according to the report.

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The report also included a survey based on participants' fear perception. In this case, they considered data and information leaks one of their main fears; 35.3% considered malware a threat, 29% fraud and 28% considered software and system vulnerability a menace.

"The concerns about security have increased drastically because services like cloud computing, mobile devices and problems like cybercrime and fraud... are rising day by day, with the Wikileaks scandal in the US being a prime example," said Juan José Dell'Acqua, director of Argentine IT and telecom users association Usuaria.