Meta4 seeing demand for consolidated HR management software

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Foreign investors continue to see Latin America as a unit rather than a sum of different parts, as in Europe, when it comes to human resource (HR) management software, Pedro Vaquero, Latin America operations director for Spanish human resources software developer Meta4, told press.

Meta4 announced this week a contract with US cereal giant Kellogg's to provide its PeopleNet solution in SaaS format for managing the payroll of Kellogg's 4,000 employees in six countries across Latin America.

The HR technology solution addresses payroll and budgetary management processes and is aimed at helping companies cut costs, improve internal communications between the workforce and HR, and optimize information analysis.

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One of the main objectives of the agreement with Kellogg's is to provide managers with integrated and up-to-date information at the regional level, independent of geographical location in any of the six countries in Latin America where the company has presence - Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador and Guatemala.

According to Vaquero, Meta4 will also be in charge of updating legislation regarding human resources issues for the solution in each country. This involves working with local legal representatives and incorporating feedback from the client.

This will also be overseen at a regional level, managed by Meta4's R&D center based in Buenos Aires, and is something that does not happen in Europe.

Kellogg's "asked us for a single solution where they have all of the legislation of all of the countries where they are, and so the HR director can see his employees in Chile, Brazil or Mexico without the need for having to call each country individually and ask how many there are," Vaquero said. "It's all embedded in the solution. Each country does not lose its autonomy to determine employee salaries, but the HR director has the benefit of this all being part of the same system."

"The focus in Latin America is regional. That need doesn't exist in Europe. But the foreigners want to consolidate Latin America like a country," Vaquero added.

Other companies in Latin America that have adopted Meta4's human capital management solutions include ICA, CIE, Bimbo, Grupo Carvajal, Sodimac (Columbia) and Word Vision (US).