Microsoft preparing to reveal new operational system Windows 8

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) will reveal in September further details of its new operational system Windows 8 at the Build Conference for developers in California, international press quoted company marketing VP Tami Reller as saying at the Worldwide Partner Conference.

According to Reller, the path to Windows 8 will be a smooth one, with plenty of Windows 7 deployment opportunities as Windows 8 devices and applications will work in the same environment as Windows 7 PCs and applications.

She pointed out that 27% of the internet runs on Windows 7.

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"Vendors can create next generation devices for the modern workforce. For business customers this is important, as Windows 8 will run on Windows 7 services. So the hardware investments customers made [in Windows 7 hardware] will take advantage of Windows 8. We see a future with heterogeneous devices, and so customers can move forward with Windows 7 rollouts with more motivation than ever before," Reller said.

Microsoft is readying the hardware ecosystem of partners on Windows 8 devices as a way of preparing for the migration.

One of Windows 8's main features is that traditional desktop icons will be replaced by personalized windows that provide access to all applications.

"Tiles show better personality. For example, the weather app will show you the current temperature instead of opening it to find out," Reller said.