Mincom adding partners to increase reach, drive sales

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Australian industry intensive software company Mincom, looking to meet market demands as well as internal growth projections, is in the process of signing international alliances to increase business, and the partnerships would reach into Latin America, Carlos Medina, company VP of the region, told BNamericas.

While Mincom has traditionally focused on providing both software and services solutions itself, "we've begun alliances on the international level - in the US and Australia - with different types of companies that are looking to develop here in Latin America," he said. "So we're forming partners, but I can't name them. We still have to define the regions and the industries" the partners would target.

In Latin America, about 80% of the company's business comes from the mining sector, but the idea is to increase the participation of other sectors such as power and transport, he said. Another of the company's main goals is to boost the contribution from its consultancy best practices unit, which in dollar terms currently brings in about 10% of total revenues.

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Today's soaring price of commodities has been positive for Mincom's business development on two levels, he added. On one side, the cash-rich industry has more resources to increase technology use. On the other hand, it also makes sense for these companies "to take advantage of these booming times to incorporate technological solutions to improve current productivity, while also protecting [the company] against the comings and goings of the [commodity] cycle."

To read the full interview with Medina, see this week's IT Perspectives, for subscribers only.