Nearly half of local companies unprepared for disasters - Regus

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

About half the companies in Chile (48%) have yet to implement an IT disaster recovery plan to ensure the continuous operation of their systems, according to a survey by international workplace solutions provider Regus.

In comparison, 45% of companies in the rest of the world have not implemented an IT disaster recovery plan.

According to the study, which included 12,000 entrepreneurs from 85 countries, 43% of Chilean companies consider the cost of disaster recovery solutions as prohibitive, compared to the global average of 33%.

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Cost seems to be the main factor hindering adoption, since more than two-thirds of surveyed Chilean companies (61%) said they would invest in a disaster recovery plan for the workplace if the price were appropriate, compared to 55% globally.

"Over two-fifths of Chilean companies expressed a high perceived cost of disaster recovery, but many also say they would be willing to pay a monthly fee to access a disaster recovery solution in the workplace in case of emergency. This is an important sign that... their mindset is changing," said Bernardo Fernandini, Regus' director for the Southern Region.

Though globally large companies are better prepared for disasters than smaller companies, 26% of large corporations have failed to implement these kinds of solutions for IT systems and 40% have not done so for the workplace.

Globally, 71% of companies from the financial services sector and 66% of ICT firms were more likely to adopt a business continuity plan, though more than 40% of companies in these sectors still have not implemented a disaster recovery plan.