New Argentine communications council to launch on Nov 30

Friday, November 25, 2016

A new federal communications council (CFC) in Argentina, tasked with advising telecoms regulator Enacom on the design of public policy, is due to sit for the first time on November 30, state news service Telam reported.

The main duties of the new body, defined in August, are to help design ICT polices and monitor the progress of the universal services fund, communications and broadcasting and transmission and speed indicators.

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Council members will include representatives from each of Argentina's provinces, plus the city of Buenos Aires, as well as ICT organizations, non-profit media outlets, universities, consumer organizations, state media, community-based media and indigenous groups.

The council was established by decree last December, after the dissolution of the two former telecoms regulatory bodies, Aftic and Afsca, and falls under the control of the communications ministry.